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  • Civilization VI Comes to PS4 on November 22

    Time: Oct. 11, 2019

    For more than a decade, Sid Meier Civilization has been compatible with a PlayStation console. I am pleased to announce that the critically acclaimed series of turn-based strategies will be available on PS4 this fall!

    The franchise's last entry, Civilization VI Steam CD Key, offers new ways to connect with your world: cities are now physically developing on the map; Their actions contribute to the promotion of technology and citizen research. and rival leaders pursue their own goals based on their historical characteristics while fighting for victory.

    And that's not all: the expansion package, which includes Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm, offers a multitude of additional civilizations and leaders, new game systems and new depths, as well as unique challenges for Civilization VI experience.

    In Rise and Fall, your decisions will inspire loyalty or rebellion as you strive to maintain your empire and bring your civilization to a golden age. Lose the loyalty of your people and you can be in a dark era, but don't be afraid, you can get up and start a heroic era.

    In Gathering Storm, the world is more alive than ever. Natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions or storms can loot or destroy their improvements and neighborhoods. A developing global ecosystem, shaped by its choices, can transform the planet's climate into good or bad. And thanks to the World Congress, you can make your voice heard among the other leaders of the world.

    We have ensured that Civilization VI is not only aesthetic, but also works. The controls and the user interface are optimized for a controller experience. You will find that access to information and its movement on the map is very simple. Our goal was to create a controller experience in which the player had complete control over the map, menus and movements, and we believe that was what we did.

    Civilization VI allows four players to play multiplayer online. Form alliances with friends to try to frustrate and frustrate the competition. But remember: alliances can be broken at any time and surprise wars can surprise even the most experienced player. Your friend today could be your greatest enemy tomorrow!

    We are eager to have Civilization VI in our hands. Take another tour with Civilization VI on November 22, 2019, accompanied by "Rise and Fall" and "Gather Storm" expansion bonds.

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