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  • Everything you should know about The Sims 4: Discover University!

    Time: Dec. 30, 2019
    Needs to be Loaned Some Fun

    Similar to the previous expansion packages of The Sims 4 series, The Sims 4 Discover University has a long history. It all started with the expansion of Sims 2 and continued with Sims 3: University Life. Unfortunately, unlike its predecessors, it does not have the least appeal, but it focuses on making the experience as realistic as possible and making the most of it.

    The Road to University

    If it is the first time you decide that your young adult or an older Sim wants to go to college, register. In general, you will be accepted even if your Sim has not yet gone to school. However, good grades can open additional subjects or scholarships, so not everything is free. Scholarships can be a very good thing, since your Sim is too poor to pay for college, they are forced to apply for student loans.

    Once accepted, you can choose where you want to go, either at the Foxbury Institute or at the University of Britchester. Depending on the educational status of your Sim, there are different main subjects available at each school. However, the lack of diversity between the main issues was a disappointment. Art history, communication, culinary arts, theater, visual arts, history, language and literature are Britchester's most notable credentials, while Foxbury specializes in biology, computer science, economics, physics, psychology and evil.

    A Shallow Shell of Buildings

    The world itself is extremely flat. Most campus buildings are only facades and in the bedrooms you don't even have access to the first floor. In the city where your Sim can meet students from both universities, there is a picturesque gathering place in a juice bar to have fun and stay off campus, but that's it.

    The burden of the class is that in which I give the game the greatest merit, a pun intended because you can choose the amount of lessons your student takes in each "semester." Be brave and go for five, or take your time to do it one after another. You pay per course anyway. Even if it's really obvious, you can still enjoy the marginal advantages of the university, such as celebrating and joining clubs, I really don't like it.

    Bits, Bobs and New Items

    The aesthetics of the game, the added elements, the hair, the clothes and the skills were fun. The hair and clothes were generally a mixture of hipster clothes, stoner and stitched top, sport pants and dreadlocks with elegant blazers and perfectly stylized hairstyles. The goals were to greatly improve the feeling of Britchester's old theme on the English campus that the game seemed to focus on, but it wasn't a bad thing that I liked this aesthetic. The game also added things like the robot servo and the repository of previous generations, while the new one, which is practically useless due to the charismatic capabilities of research and debate, has been combined with the new robotic skill. There are three main professional paths: education, engineering and law.

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