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  • How to get the perfect free kick in FIFA 20

    Time: Nov. 7, 2019

    EA SPORTS has updated the gameplay for FIFA 20 and, although it takes a little longer to get used to something new, there is nothing that prevents you from achieving the perfect free kick by following these simple tips.

    For FIFA 20 Origin CD Key, reaching the standards depends on the exact movement of the two clubs, which can be a difficult technique to perfect.

    1. Free throw basic commands 20

    To get a standard free kick, simply move your player to one of the support positions with the right analog stick. These options include the default value, the lateral angle and, finally, the right one, which we will show later in an image.

    The left analog stick controls the position in which the ball is hit. This has several effects. Once you have fired the selected circle, you can move the left joystick towards the goal to keep the ball at an angle to the desired corner of the target.

    2. Choose your strategy

    If you receive a free throw between 25 and 30 meters, you want to hit the wall directly, but drop it quickly. Here, it is better to opt for the upper turn and place the target directly above the crossbar.

    To do this, you want to produce a power of approximately two bars. Once the player has started the animation they want to record, quickly increase the left analog value to achieve the desired maximum rotation effect.

    3. Spin Side, mixed curve and ball joint

    If the player plays with his right foot in the direction of the right corner and moves away from the upper turn, the lateral rotation of the same range can be successful. Obviously, this also works for a left footer that hits the left corner and allows the ball to bend around the wall.

    All you have to do is place the game in the standard or intermediate position, turn the right analog from the bottom and roll to the corner where you shoot until you reach the top. Do this abruptly to get the best effect and create a semicircular movement. This will create the lateral turn.

    You can create a mixed curve by pulling the analog up and down, as if turning to the side, but curving up between the center and the corner to which it points. This varies the whiplash in the ball and is not as pure as that of the lateral rotation.

    If you want to take a free throw of Knuckle Ball, you just have to know that it is one of the most difficult to master. They need more power, approximately three bars or more, and point to the corner of the wall.

    Stand in the standard position or in the middle. The movement with its right analog joystick is this time up, down and then back. The faster you do it, the better. If you are slow, the game may confuse it with a different line style.

    To get the perfect free kick in FIFA 20, you must estimate which of these positions suits you best at some point. Master one and you will be dangerous, but master everything and you will not be prevented from ending up in a dead ball situation, especially if you have a strong opponent in your ranks.

    There are a number of other useful tutorials available online for those who still want to acquire equipment, try free throws and shoot trivels, but these basics will provide you with good basic skills to improve your game fast enough.

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