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  • In Office 2016 for Windows, Collaboration becomes the focus

    Time: Dec. 5, 2019

    If Microsoft had a slogan for Office 2016, it could be the old adage of coaching: "There is no" I "in the" team." The suite offers extensive collaboration and teamwork. A tool that helps people work together.

    If you work on your own and use Office as a stand-alone product, you will see many fewer changes compared to Office 2013. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Office is already so full of features that it can add new damage instead of its ease of use.

    The Office suite of applications, specifically Word, has long provided the best of a set of productivity tools that allow users to verify each other's documents. I have always thought that tracking, highlighting and editing changes was the gold standard for document review.

    However, previous versions of Office did not have real-time collaboration capabilities that allowed users to work on documents at any time, regardless of where they were in the world, if they had an Internet connection. This changes with Office 2016. You can now easily work with others in a document in real time, as long as the document is stored in OneDrive, OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online.

    When Office 2016 was launched in September 2015, real-time collaboration only worked with Word, PowerPoint and OneNote documents. Finally, Microsoft launched the function in Excel in July 2017, but only for Office 365 subscribers who updated to version 1707 version 8326.2058 or higher. This real-time collaboration works in both the professional and consumer versions of Office 2016, although commercial users have some extras that are not included in the private version, as I will explain.

    The Collaboration Center is a new sharing panel that appears when you click the share icon in the upper right corner of a shared Office document. From there, you can send an invitation to others to share your current document and look for people for whom you have previously shared and worked with documents. To invite people to share a document, enter their email address in the Invite people field and select Edit or View from the drop-down list. If you are in a corporate network and use the commercial version of Office 2016, you can also click on the address book icon to select the email addresses of your colleagues. Then click on Share.

    When you work with other people in a document, you see a color cursor in the document in which they work. Each person has their own color. You can see what they do, even delete, edit and add text. You see what you do. At the bottom of the panel, you will see a list of people with editing access to the document. Those currently in the document have a color bar next to their icon. This bar is the color of the cursor that you see when moving through the document.

    A good idea is that the person with whom you share a document does not need Office 2016. It can work with you using the free web version of Office available at office.com. Simply send them a link to the shared document and click on the link to open it in the web version of Office.

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